Welcome to MBS Africa Transport Solutions

We are a Freight Forwarding & Transport Company aimed at building working relationships tailored around our client’s needs. Your freight & transport solution is our slogan and we pride ourselves on ensuring that we find, or create the perfect solution for you and your company.

Imports, Forwarding, Exports, Local transport and Procurement are some of the services we provide, specializing in the African market.

With more than 20 years experience in the indutry, MBS has a global footprint while specializing in the African market.  MBS is all about establishing and creating a working relationship tailored around our client’s needs, whilst at the same time providing an unrivaled personal service.

Service is our passion, we believe this gives us the edge over all our competitors! Our MD takes it upon himself to have all communication run through him, to ensure no email or request goes unattended. Our goal is to prove to our customers that service delivery still exists.

We encourage you to test our excellence. Before you pay for unsatifactory service form your current supplier, rather contact us for a FREE non-obligated quote. 

Don't just be a client, become part of a family.